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Meet Our New Interns!

Beth Spesia is a native Midwesterner enjoying the early spring, bookstores, and lit life of DC. She is inspired by people fighting for compassion and truth and by the resilience of her unwatered plants. As an Inner Loop intern, she hopes to expand her literary imagination and learn from the artists who keep DC's heart beating. When she moves to Mars, she is bringing Virgil, for the heavenly guidance and the dactylic hexameter.

Reem Nadeem is a teacher and a journalist. She is notorious among friends for carrying a book even in the littlest of purses. She is inspired by relentless journalism and sassy signs at protests. She hopes her internship with TIL will broaden her writing horizons and expose her to more local writers. If she were among the first settlers of Mars, Janis Joplin would be her companion of choice. Not that Janis provides any survival know-how, but a planet settled by Janis Joplin and company sure as shit sounds like a planet that’s off to the right start.

The unique identities and cultures of Tyler Coburn's peers is what inspires him. He's no scientist, so, if he's going to Mars, he's just gonna embrace the time he has and bring his favorite folklorist Linda Dégh, because at least then he can be stranded in space with someone who can teach him all about ostension. For Tyler, The Inner Loop is another facet of the DC community, and he wants to grow as close to this community as possible. Everyone is identifying what it means to be an American, and he wants to harbor an open dialogue with all of our local writers.

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