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Apply to be a part of the 4th Season of The Inner Loop's Author's Corner program!

Are you a DC-area writer who recently published or are about to publish a book with a small- to medium-sized publisher? The Inner Loop presents Author’s Corner, a physical and digital marketing campaign that gives up-and-coming authors a leg up in the competitive business of literary marketing by treating their published work like a national bestseller. 


We are supporting nine writers in 2024, spotlighting one each month across all of our programming and in collaborations with local literary organizations and small businesses. Authors are highlighted at our reading events, interviewed on The Inner Loop Radio, promoted through Facebook and Instagram ads, featured in a guest post in the Washington Independent Review of Books, invited to panels at local bookstores, promoted through postcards distributed to the broader community by our restaurant and small-business partners, and more. We also work to have their recently published books for sale at local booksellers and available at local libraries.

Selection Process and Schedule

​To Apply:

We want to help your book find its readers. If your book was or will be published anytime between September 2023 and September 2024, and you live in the DC-Maryland-Virginia region, please fill out this form with with the following information:


  1. How you would benefit from your inclusion in the Author’s Corner program (3-5 sentences)

  2. Title of work

  3. Genre of publication

  4. Press, including a short description of the publisher

  5. Publication date

  6. Page count and word count

  7. A short synopsis of the book

  8. A one-page excerpt from the book

  9. 1-2 blurbs, if possible

  10. Short author’s bio

Unfortunately, we can't feature every writer we connect with, but if you are not selected to participate this round, stay in touch and we will do our best to support you and your book in any way we can!

Proposals should be submitted by January 31, 2024. Applicants will be asked for an initial interview and then notified on or before February 29, 2024 if they have been selected to participate in the program. 


Please keep in mind that this program requires time and effort from you along with the work we do to promote your book. Here are the elements of the program you should be prepared to work on during your featured month. If you are a publisher applying on behalf of your author, please make sure the writer is aware of these time commitments. 


  • Writer writes a guest article for the Washington Independent Review of Books.   

  • Writer attends and reads at our monthly reading.

  • Writer records a podcast either in person or remotely.

  • Writer will host a workshop/author talk at participating locations.

  • Writer should cross-promote other writers participating in the program and re-share related social media posts from The Inner Loop and our partners.

  • Writer has the option to take over our Instagram account handle to promote themselves and their book.

  • Writer may be asked to participate in a panel or other events outside of their featured month.


Note - Please apply only if you are available to attend multiple events in person in and near Washington, DC for a full month between March and November. Events will be during weekday evenings and weekends.

​Please direct any other inquiries via email to Abi at and include "Author's Corner 2024" in the subject line.

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